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Kate blogs at Mind Tidying and basically runs New York. Either that or she just lives in New York, and has recently got ideas above her station because she blagged her way into a corner office with a view. She is an omnisports fan, and climate change is playing havoc with the manageability of her hair.

A short interview with KateTF by Miss Jones

1) What is your favourite ever Strictly moment?
This is a very cruel question, because obviously there are millions (well, ten-ish) but I am going to go with Ramps and Karen's Argentine Tango. It was the first time the show had included this dance, and great play was made of how difficult it was, and Vincent and Flavia helped choreograph them all because nobody else knew how to do it, and then there was Karen in that amazing dress, Mark being all authoritative, and a Bond theme. Never been matched on the Argentine tango front, as far as I am concerned.

2) If you were a contestant, who would you want for your pro partner?
Unsurprisingly, this would be Pasha. I am mad about beloved Matthew Cutler, and also Ian Waite, who were each part of one of my favourite Strictly partnerships ever, but they're both much too tall for me, so Pasha it is.

3) What is the best kind of biscuit?
Ginger nuts. No discussion.

4) Who was your childhood hero?
I was a bit short on childhood heroes, to be honest, but the ones I did have are unsurprisingly from the sports world, and top of the list is Daley Thompson. CAN YOU IMAGINE DALEY THOMPSON ON STRICTLY DON'T ANSWER THAT OF COURSE YOU CAN.

5) Do you think Adam Gemili is too young for me? I really love him.
No, Miss Jones. No, I don't. (I was about to crack a 'You're only as young as you feel, and if you're feeling Adam Gemili' etc etc joke there, but I thought better of it. OR DID I?)

Miss Jones
Miss Jones writes the WhyMissJones blog, lives in south London and gets paid to correct the spelling of various women's magazines. She likes biscuits, doing karaoke in a small room and watching athletics.

A short interview with Miss Jones, by KateTF

1) Who is your favourite ever Strictly non-winning celeb?
OK, stay with me here, but I'm going to say Gethin Jones. I felt so aggrieved that he lost out on a place in the final when the judges ludicrously over-marked Matt D'Angelo for failing to remember half his routine and just going to sit down on a step. Gethin had been through a proper Strictly TransformationTM, from lacklustre but fairly competent to LOOSE! FOOTLOOSE! KICK OFF YOUR SUNDAY SHOES! Which is exactly what should happen to a Strictly contestant. The moment the butterfly emerged from the chrysalis was his salsa when I nearly fell off my sofa with joy. I also loved his jive to Knock On Wood. Phew, got through that without using the word journey. Damnit!

2) Brendan Cole - Bad-Boy Irritant or National Treasure?
Definitely not the former. Brendan's mellowing since he's found the love of a good model has warmed my heart. National trinket?

3) Have you ever made Battenburg and is it as difficult as it looks?
No. Never. I wouldn't dare. I love the almond in all its forms, and there is none more regal than this. It should be duly respected and revered.

4) What is your go-to, never fails karaoke song?
White Lines by Grandmaster Flash. Obviously.

5) If you were an Olympic sport, what Olympic sport would you be?
Hmm. Should say athletics. Will probably say track cycling. I have the sensible streak of Sir Chris and the stubborn, anti-social streak of Sir Bradley.

Kate and Miss Jones were brought together by a love of Strictly Come Dancing and the Olympics. Wait, we should start an Olympics blog...

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